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A standard polycarbonate roof found in almost all uk conservatories has virtually no insulation properties even when conservatory roof blinds or solar inserts are fitted.


The typical polycarbonate roof has a very high u-value making it unpleasantly hot for every day use in the summer. In the winter,it can be impossible to keep most conservatories warm because of the lack of insulation allowing most of the heat to escape.


The Conservatory Converters high spec insulation system can be installed to transform your conservatory into a fully functional room to your home that can be used in comfort 365 days of the year.


With no removal of your existing conservatory roof we keep the same look on the outside but with the benefits of a traditional ceiling on the inside by installing our high spec 38mm light weight composite insulation system, combining 19 layers of reflective materials, with test studies showing it to be equivalent to 270mm of mineral wool insulation delivering stunning results.


Internal Conversion

If you have a conservatory you will know just how hard it is to keep it warm in the winter month's, and how extremely hot it will become in the summer month's.


The reason is because of the high "u" value, a conservatory roof structure is made up of polycarbonate sheeting or glass, meaning your valuable heating literally goes straight through the roof in the winter month's. vice versa retaining too much heat in the summer month's.

Wouldn't it be good if you could use your conservatory all year round in comfort! Well now you can, our fitters can install our bespoke insulation system to your conservatory roof, transforming the room into part of your home, giving you the extra living space.


Our bespoke insulation system is fitted with adequate cross ventilation preventing condensation or sweating of the structure. The system uses high performance composite 38mm insulation consisting of 19 layers of reflective film giving stunning insulation benefits. Following careful insulation the roof is finished of with plasterboard and a plaster skim finish.When dried we apply a painted finish to complete your new living area. No alteration is made to the conservatory roof or to its vaulted profile.


Tiled Roof Conversion

Our Lightweight Conservatory Tiled Roof System will transform your conservatory from a part of your house that you can only use occasionally to an all year round living space. It ensures that your living space retains heat in the winter and gives additional energy efficiency.


Thermal Insulation

All our Lightweight Conservatory Tiled Roof systems are manufactured using the most up to date materials, we use a thermal insulation system which helps to give this roof a U value which is considerably higher than traditional build materials.

Our easy to install, Thermal Insulation contributes to the wellbeing and comfort of the home all the year round, protecting against both cold and heat.


Internal Finishes


We provide a full one stop service and the Lightweight Conservatory Tiled Roof System can be finished internally in a number of ways.  We can also paint your new room, install spotlights, electrical sockets or add roof windows for extra light so you can have that new living space you have always desired.

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